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The name Assembly Line derives from Shane Bradford’s semi-namesake Henry Ford and his innovation of the Ford assembly line. A new alliance of precariat workers joins forces to display, log, and trace their artefacts along the line from conception to consumption. The word assembly in this case, points towards a gathering to foster discussion, spread the enjoyment of art objects and encourage new forms of mutually beneficial value exchange between new and established collectors and artists alike.

As such, guest invitees are those practitioners whose work demonstrates a natural inquisitiveness towards the theatres of production, display and distribution through which every artwork travels. Participants create self-aware units, non-didactic entities that reflect how meanings change as they migrate through the inevitable process of their own consumption. Each work is a marker, the same but different from the one before.

As Assembly Line develops we hope to enable the production of new work from commissioned artists, curators and collaborators who naturally identify with the issues at stake. We aspire to reassess and potentially help stabilise the income stream of artists and curators by spreading risk, profits and costs equally across participants. We want to look at the concept of collecting, collectors and the collectable and reengage the unique relationship of art with philanthropy.

Assembly Line re-examines systems of value and exchange and test-drives models of mutual generosity as a means to a healthier common good.

We very much hope you enjoy the experience of Assembly Line. Please contact for press & questions.




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