Welcome to Assembly Line.

There are currently three ways to participate:

1. THE COMMODITY EXCHANGE: This is the straightforward Western model of monetary purchase – a one-off payment for item/s immediately transferred to consumer. No long-term obligation. An exchange between objects. Profits directed straight to the producer.

2. SUBSCRIPTION: The subscriber offers a monthly/yearly sum of their choosing and collects items to the value accumulated whenever they want to, with an automatic 10% discount. Subscriptions are added to the pool of income and divided between contributing artists and collaborators on a monthly basis. Artists receive a small amount from every sale, as well as 45% of their own. This is an exchange between people, with an emphasis on philanthropy. Subscribers have access to new work runs one week before they’re made public.

3. THE POTLATCH: The Potlatch is the most complex form of exchange we offer. Based on historical, anthropological models of commodity transfer, the Potlatch is a system of gift-giving where value derives from the loss, rather than the gain of assets. When you buy a work as a gift for somebody else you are given a coupon code with a 20% discount for giving. The caveat is that the gift comes with the (by-no-means mandatory) implication that it should be reciprocated, or passed on. This is the growth network of exchange between people where the object given is also an invitation to pollenate further. It expresses the will, if not the obligation, of a prolonged relational duration with the promise of future exchange. It’s intended as an appropriation of a ‘gift economy’, as well as a means of personal and network growth.

For Subscription and Potlatch please email assemblyline@shanebradford.com

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